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Scuba Oxygen Tank

In Water Hull Scrub & Anode Change

Your time onboard is precious, you don’t want to waste a minute on routine tasks. RS Divers can make sure your boat is ready for you to step aboard by scrubbing the hull, checking underwater for any problems such as fouled propellers or faulty anodes and providing video or photographic evidence of what we find. A clean hull will help you save up to 25% on fuel and maximize your time having fun on the water.

If you have a boat under 50ft located in Chichester, Portsmouth or Southampton Marinas, RS Divers will not only inspect your anodes without needing to remove your boat from the water, but we’ll also supply you with a report detailing the percentage remaining.

You don’t even need to be there when we replace them. Simply let us know you’d like them replaced and leave the new anodes in a safe place on deck, and we will replace them.

In Water Hull Scrub & Anode Change: Service
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