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Battery Screen

Checking Batteries & Battery Charging Systems

Batteries and battery chargers are the beating heart of your yacht, without them nothing works.  With technology changing your batteries will be under strain trying to keep pace with the multiple devices that you or your family need to charge.

Boats can be powered via shore power, engine alternators, solar power or wind generators depending on the location of the boat.  Batteries have improved from lead alkaline to sealed batteries. 

We can offer a full overview of the charging system, battery testing, checking the life in the batteries and if you have the correct output.  Secondly we can provide you with a diagram of how all systems work with the relevant information on fuses and battery switches and if required fitting of a battery monitor.  Using a battery monitor allows you to monitor the state of your electrical system.

Some of the products we work with are Rutland, Specralite, Sterling Power, Marinco, Blue Sea Systems, Sea-tek, Nasa and we have access to the information and ability to maintain other products, if not we can point you in the right direction of someone who can help.

Checking Batteries & Battery Charging Systems: Service
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