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Antifoul & Polish


Not everyone considers the following when it comes to antifouling:

1. buying the cheapest may not be best

2. current changes in the manufacturing of antifouls i.e. removing certain elements

3. correct preparation of hull

4. how long has the old antifoul been on  the hull and is it time to remove back to GRP or wood 

5. what are the correct primers and undercoats for antifoul

Practical Boat Owner carried out a survey placing boards in various different marinas testing the efficacy of different manufactures antifoul.  Surprisingly results varied between marinas depending on which manufacture was used.

So considering all the above, we are best placed to advise on the correct procedure and products to use on your hull.  We live and work on the South Coast, so we know the water well.


With many polishing products out there, there is not one singular product for every boat. 

For example polishing a 20 year old Legend 38, we used the following:

Y10 Stain Remover to clean the water line,  G3 Cutting Agent to remove minor scratches and oxidization, Aquabuff 2000 to prepare the GRP and two grades of Profiline to cut and give a final polish.

However a blue hulled vessel, painted or blue gel coated, would have to be treated in a totally different way.

With hundreds of boats polished under our belts we can give you best advise for the best results.

Antifoul & Polish: Service
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